Makeup Made Easy

Signature Makeup Looks That Make You More Money In Your Business

Feel confident on every Zoom call and Facebook LIVE without spending hours in front of the mirror.

Research shows that women who wear makeup make more money.

So I like to think…I help you bring in the cha-ching.

Most of my clients come to me feeling:

Overwhelmed with all the virtual calls and training

Not sure where to even start with on-camera makeup

Like they’re not measuring up to the brand they’ve created.

And that is no way to attract and retain your ideal clients. That's why right now I'm revealing the exact formula I use with my clients to have them camera confident in under a week.

Hi I'm Makeup Mentor, Diana O'Marra

I want to share with you my journey with makeup. After having kids I struggled with insecurity. My skin had changed, my body had changed, and my self-care time plummeted. I ended up falling into the world of makeup and started learning the basics of great makeup. As I continued to learn, I saw my confidence skyrocket and now I’m on a mission to share that with other women. I’ve spent the last 5 years learning from leading makeup artists and doing makeup on incredible women. As a female entrepreneur and busy mom of 3, I’ve also seen how makeup can lift my mood, transition me from hot mess mom to business boss babe, and get me in a “I can conquer the world” mindset. And now I want to help YOU experience that!


  • Improves Performance and Cognition: Frequently termed the “lipstick effect”, makeup has been shown to improve performance and cognition. (Harvard Study)
  • Increases Your Perceived Authority: Women wearing makeup are perceived as having greater earning potential and more prestigious jobs in addition to more confidence. (Journal of Applied Social Psychology)
  • Creates a Habit of Self Care: Since you typically do your makeup multiple days a week it becomes a consistent form of self-care. which is a vital piece of continued success as female entrepreneur.
  • Increases Happy Hormones, Decreases Stress Hormones: Because doing your makeup is a form of non-sexual touch, it causes your brain to release happy hormones like oxytocin while reducing stress hormones.