Are you ready for a makeup look that makes you more money?

How could it change your business if you felt confident every time you stepped on camera?

Imagine looking at your makeup and feeling inspired because you know exactly how to effortlessly and quickly execute a look that builds your business and your confidence.

With Your Signature Makeup Look You Can:

Hi I’m Diana O’Marra, the Founder of Hello Easy Makeup!

After having kids I struggled with insecurity. I ended up falling into the world of makeup and started learning the basics of great makeup. As I continued to learn, I saw my confidence skyrocket and now I’m on a mission to share that with other women. 

I’ve spent the last 5 years learning from leading makeup artists and doing makeup on incredible women.

As a female entrepreneur and busy mom of 3, I’ve also seen how makeup can lift my mood, transition me from hot mess mom to business boss babe, and get me in a “I can conquer the world” mindset. 

And now I want to help YOU experience that!


"Your Makeup tips have always been life to me."
"You're my go to Makeup Girl. You make it look so fun and not in a "cover your flaws" way."
If Diana O'Marra is offering one on one sessions...DO IT! I learned so much. So worth it.
"As a 16 year veteran makeup artist I give you an A+."
You could be NEXT!

Why Your Makeup Matters

  • Improves Performance and Cognition: Frequently termed the “lipstick effect”, makeup has been shown to improve performance and cognition. (Harvard Study)
  • Increases Your Perceived Authority: Women wearing makeup are perceived as having greater earning potential and more prestigious jobs in addition to more confidence. (Journal of Applied Social Psychology)
  • Creates a Habit of Self Care: Since you typically do your makeup multiple days a week it becomes a consistent form of self-care. which is a vital piece of continued success as female entrepreneur.
  • Increases Happy Hormones, Decreases Stress Hormones: Because doing your makeup is a form of non-sexual touch, it causes your brain to release happy hormones like oxytocin while reducing stress hormones. 

Your Signature Makeup Look ($297) Includes:

PLUS These Bonuses:

30 Minute Follow-Up Call to Cover Questions That Have Arisen As You’ve Executed the Look Yourself

($79 Value)

Lifetime Access to Members-Only Facebook Community with Monthly Q&A Sessions

($497 Value)


That’s $1,199 in Value for Only $497!


Frequently Asked Questions

Within 24 hours, you will receive a link to your personal survey which helps me evaluate you, your time, and your brand to help develop your signature look.

Once you return the survey, I will get to work creating 3 custom makeup proposals.

You will pick your look and we will get started with the 1st video call.

For a full list of what’s included, please refer to the “Your Signature Makeup Look Includes” section above.

Not a problem! Most of my clients only want to spend 5-10 minutes on their makeup look. I have tons of easy secrets to help you quickly be camera ready and on brand. 

I would love to create a natural makeup look for you. This is something I uncover during the pre-survey. Many of my clients are not big makeup-wearers and I love creating a look that boosts their brand and confidence but also feels 100% true to who they are. 

Please contact diana@helloeasymakeup.com with any questions.

If you’re prefer to set up a quick consultation call, I’d love to chat!

You can see my availability and book here:

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This all depends on you, your availability and how quickly you complete each step, but most clients will take 2-4 weeks from purchase to a fully executed Signature Makeup Look.

Of course! Once you check-out just send an e-mail to diana@helloeasymakeup.com with your confirmation and I will e-mail you a gift certificate within 24 hours. 

Yes, definitely! Grab a “Coffee Chat” on my schedule and let’s discuss.

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I love helping coaches give their client’s an immediate confidence boost.